What’s Happening at Knotty Shores

I’ve had a whirlwind month of December! I’m hoping to keep the excitement and momentum going!!

I was so honored to meet a fabulous group of people and be invited join their group called

The WestCoast Locals

We joined together and rented a store in Tillicum Mall. We were welcomed with open arms from the mall and general public.

During that time we were featured on Chek6 news on The Upside with Jeff King and Ed Bain.

They were pretty happy to receive their Drink Mitts

So much fun to have them in our store.

I’d like to add that ‘ll be adding products as make them. So check back frequently to see all the new items!! Be sure to enter your email address to get connected to my monthly news letter.

The last tidbit of info I want you to know is all the faux fur pompoms on my hats are snap on. This makes it easy to wash. Just snap the pompom off and hand wash/lay flat to dry. Also if you’re snow boarding or riding a bike, or any activity that requires a helmet, just snap off the pompom and put the helmet on!

I’m excited to start sharing my work more often and to a wider audience. For those of that are new here you can follow me on all the social media @Knottyshores

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