About Me

Hi I’m Lisa, a fiber artist living on Vancouver Island. I love to crochet handmade boho fashions. I enjoy making winter hats and other winter apparel. But I’ve recently found a love for making crocheted swim suits, beach cover ups, floppy hats and the occasional purse.

I started crocheting as a child when my grandmother taught me. Then I put the hook down for many years. During 2011 I was working as a nurses aide and found myself caring for my sick mom. During that time, with her help, I fell in love with crochet like never before.

I have a dream to start writing patterns and putting some of my own designs out to the world! Stay tuned for that. You can sign up for my Knotty News to keep up to date on new and exciting changes!

That’s my crochet life. When I’m not crocheting I enjoy camping, gardening, and spending time with my family. I’m married with two grown children but I think being grandma has been my favorite role in life!