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Photo Credit: Knotty Shores

Getting to the point of publishing my first pattern was more work than I thought it was going to be! I have an idea, crochet it, post it and everyone asks for the pattern. Right!? Now what?

If you’re like me, I’ve used many patterns to create all the things. But when I actually need to put pen to paper and WRITE a pattern that’s another story! As an experienced crocheter, when I read a pattern there’s many words I just glaze over, you might say. Things we just take for granted, instructions that are in every pattern, such as a Ch1 or the word turn. These little things, these important instructions are the things we may over look when writing our first pattern. But to the new crocheter these things are very important and need to be included in the finished pattern. There’s so many things to consider, correct terminology, continuity, grammar, spelling, sentence structure not to mention quality pictures….am I freaking you out! I know that’s what I did to myself too!!!


And Can Help You Too.

I was lucky in many ways because I am a member of CBA –

Crochetpreneur Business Academy!

Have you heard about it?

Pam Grice is our teacher, leader, advisor and wealth of knowledge. And she is ready to share her years of experience with the world! Pam has spent many hours compiling everything you need to know to start your own successful crochet business.

If you want to learn to write a pattern, increase your sales at craft fairs, learn how to develop a product line, build a website and everything in between Crochetpreneur Business Academy is the place! You can check out everything in this fun, FREE 5-day crochet business challenge. Its aimed at helping crocheters move from operating their business as a hobbyist to growing your business with the mindset of a CEO!

Beginning February 7-11

Pam is inviting everyone to this awesome event! You can join in by clicking the affiliate link below:


Putting the pieces together…

I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit scared at thought of putting my pattern out there. Scared if it was not good enough, what if People didn’t like it? So I turned to CBA where I knew I could get solid advice and the help I needed. I jumped into the pattern writing course that was offered within the modules of CBA. Of course all my answers were there. And having the VIP Facebook group community to turn to for extra help when needed is one of my favorite parts of CBA. I was able to organize my thoughts, follow the pattern release plan and get it into my Etsy shop.

Photos, Editor, Etsy Shop

After writing my pattern, I sent it out to the testers and then off to the editor! All the things I didn’t know that went into the process!

Then I needed pictures! Again lucky for me, my husband is a good sport! So I got him out there taking pictures of me posing with my hat on!!

I also had to learn a bit about lighting, also included with in CBA, then I was able to take better progress photos. I took photos along the way of different stitches or areas that might be a problem for the person making the pattern. It was a fun process and I definitely learned something every step of the way. And am still learning! I put out a well written quality pattern that I proud to offer to my fellow crocheters.

I haven’t completed the modules in CBA. But each module I do complete I add a new and exciting portion to my business. Having a small business is exciting, fun, time consuming and very rewarding. As my business changes, evolves and grows I hope you’ll follow along. You can keep up with the changes by subscribing to my Newsletter.

Inside the Newsletter will be exclusive dates to free pattern release dates that you’ll find here on my blog. Be sure to follow me on social media.

the seaside and rocks
A fun photo shoot! My husband is my photographer!! Photo credit: Knotty Shores

And So It Begins – My First Blog Post

It has certainly taken me some time to get to this point. Finally doing my first blog post. I’m completely new to this and it comes with a huge learning curve but my goal is to do a monthly blog post. This will also coincide with my monthly newsletter that will be hitting your inboxes starting June 1st. The newsletter will contain some new items that I’ll be adding to my shop as well as any news about upcoming patterns.

For todays post I thought I’d just update you on all things new at Knotty Shores. I’ve updated my website and am working at adding and updating my products on my Etsy Store and Shopping page. I have started to write patterns and have one very close to being finished. And one in the works! Occasionally you’ll find links to some easy free patterns I’ll be offering as they become available. If you are a newbie crocheter I encourage you to check them out. Im trying to keep my patterns at the begginer/easy stage for now. They will use basic stitches and simple terms.

I’m excited to start sharing my work more often and to a wider audience. For those of that are new here you can follow me on all the social media @Knottyshores.

Below are some of my favorite things to make. I hope you enjoy what you see and come back for more!

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